More Mountains, More Adventure

Today the first boxes of supplies arrived, along with drawstring backpacks.  We’ll be setting up an assembly line this weekend and getting the first kits to kids in Albany, NY next week.

I’ve also been in touch with the Department of Children and Families in Bennington Vermont, and we have started our next drive to deliver 88 kits to children in their care. This will include children directly in foster care and children who are living with foster families.  They range in age from two to 18, and kits for the younger ones will be tailored to keep small parts out of curious mouths.

Every parent believes their kids are special, and I agree with them.  I felt that way about mine when my kids were little.  I feel that way about their friends whom I’ve watched grow up, and I feel it whenever I listen to the plans a young person on the edge of independence, waiting to show the world what they can do. It’s corny, but it’s why I operate on the philosophy that each child  is unique and has their own gift to give to the world, if we nurture their creative spark.  It’s my hope that the fuel we’re providing will help them discover and develop their gifts.

Meeting the first fundraising goal so quickly reminded me of how many other people also believe in those creative sparks.  It also reminded me that one of the main things that makes this country is  great is the overwhelming kindness that seems to be written into our cultural DNA.  Thank you to everyone who has donated or send a lovely message for highlighting that.