The First Mountain

Day three of this project, and we’ve scaled the first mountain thanks to many very generous contributions.   One extremely generous donor put the first fundraising goal over the top with a $500 donation.

Supplies have been ordered for the first 60 kits to go to newly arrived refugees in the Albany, NY area, and people have already volunteered to help put kits together (who doesn’t love to play Santa once in a while).

It’s an inspiring beginning, and with your help we are going to light and power creative sparks in many more children.

Special thanks has to go to Jon Katz for publicizing this on his blog, Bedlam Farm.  Jon has been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration for me over the years, helping me rediscover my own creative spark.  That discovery is how I know that art can change and even save lives.

Huge thanks also has to go to his wife Maria Wulf of Fiber Moon Arts who I like to call the Art Fairy.  Maria, gifted fiber artist, rediscovered her creative spark a number of years and since then has been spreading the magic of creativity and encouragement by inviting other emerging artists to share her gallery twice a year. She is the epitome of the good fairy – bringing out the best in others and, in the process, inspiring other artists to try and pay it forward.

The biggest thanks, of course, goes to everyone who donated through PayPal or the Amazon wish list.   You’ve made a  a lot of fairy dust, and it will be exciting to see what that much magic can do.